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How To Apply

We regret that we are unable to serve unscheduled guests.  Scheduling appointments saves time for the guests and makes it much less stressful and more manageable for our volunteers.  To make an appointment phone (803)374-7778.  You will be asked to leave a message on the answering machine.  It is very important that you speak clearly and leave your name and phone number and a volunteer will return your call.  Applications can be completed at the time of your first visit.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1.  Must be a resident of Chester County
  2. Must have a photo ID.
  3. Only one application per household.
  4. Must complete an application.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. The Pantry reserves the right to determine who are in need of this assistance, who receives food and how often the Pantry may be utilized.
  2. It is illegal to sell or exchange any items received.
  3. Respect posted limits on certain items.
  4. One Pantry visit per household can be made every 6 weeks.  This time period is adjusted as needed to maintain a healthy budget.
  5. Cooperate with volunteers and staff.
  6. No disorderly or threatening behavior toward the Pantry staff or other recipients will be tolerated at any time.  NO drugs or alcohol or anyone under the influence will be tolerated within the Pantry at any time.  Persons suspected of being under the influence or being disorderly or threatening, will be asked to leave and may be prohibited from returning to the Pantry in the future.  If they refuse to leave, the police will be called immediately.
  7. Failure to show for an appointment twice in a year will result in a 6 month penalty of future scheduled appointments.
  8. Providing false information on application.
  9. Failure to follow and obey these rules will result in removal from and the privilege to use the Pantry.