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Tuesday Morning Bible Study

The Tuesday morning Bible study meets in the session room every Tuesday at 10:00am.  The pastor teaches the class using the sermon scriptures for the week.  It adds depth and knowledge to the Sunday worship experience for all involved.  The class will also occasionally take short trips to see displays at museums, the Billy Graham Library, or a movie in the IMAX.  Trips are announced in advance.  Join us for this fun and engaging friendship in the faith.

Bible Study Scriptures:

April 7  Mark 4:1-9  Parable of the Sower

April 14 Hebrews 11:1-8, 11-16, 12:1-2

April 21 Psalm 8  Mathew 7:1-5

April 28 Genesis 2:25-3:1  Luke 7:36-50